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company name mik TAXI Sapporo
representative Mikio Nakamura
Street address 1 - 1 South 1 - 1 Nanko Dori Shiroishi Ward, Sapporo City, Hokkaido
phone number 090-3898-5330
Fax number 011-799-0344
mail address
business hours Reservation is available 24 hours. For details please inquire
Regular holiday No regular holidays
Travel industry Hokkaido Governor Registration Travel Service Arrangement (124)
Hokkaido Transport Bureau authorization  ​Authorization number北自旅二第169ー1号)
Main services

New Chitose Airport transfer · Golf, entertainment, business, transfer ·
sightseeing taxi

Mikio Nakamura

I joined a taxi company in 1997 and I run it independently as a mikTAXI in 2015

We respond to every need including airport transfer and sightseeing taxi
Please use it when coming to Hokkaido


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