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New Chitose Airport transfer

New Chitose Airport Terminal

A comfortable space in a large car that can carry large luggage. Private transfer from airport
Price 32,000yen~ from New Chitose Airport(CTS) to Niseko

The six-seater Alphard taxi allows you to relax and enjoy your journey while ensuring your private time and space.

Features of airport transfer service(or merit)

Safe for large luggag

You can also load big luggage

Useful for people with large luggage or in a hurry.

With this Alphard taxi, we will pick you up at the front entrance / exit taxi lane on the 1st floor of the arrival lobby, so you can move smoothly and move without stress.

We accept reservations on the day

Alphard type

Maximum capacity
guests 4  Luggage 4
guests 3  Luggage 5

Private transfer New Chitose Airport
 (CTS) domestic terminal → Niseko 36,000yen~
Our drivers are used to winter road conditions and arrive safely and comfortably at their destination.

Taxi fare table for New Chitose Airport transfer
domestic terminal pick-up price.

Alphard hybrid



Rustsu resort

Alphard Price
New Chitose Airport→Niseko


New Chitose Airport→Rusutsu Resort 31,500yen~
New Chitose Airport→Otaru


New Chitose Airport→Tomamu 35,500yen~
New Chitose Airport→ Furano


New Chitose Airport→Toyako Onsen 36,500yen~

※Highway charges will be added if using a highway.
​※Meat service fee is not included.
※Airport parking fees are not included.

Please inquire for the expressway usage fee.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us

Chitose Interchange⇔Sapporo North Interchange

There are two taxi stands at New Chitose Airport in the domestic terminal building and one in the international terminal building

The taxi stand of the domestic terminal is on the first floor.

The taxi stand of the international terminal is on the first floor.

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